Extra-curricular activities

Welcome to the extra-curricular clubs section. Here, you can find all the latest information about the clubs and when they run.

  • The clubs we offer are run on a half-termly basis.
  • To ensure a variety in the clubs we offer, we will change and update clubs each half term.
  • Clubs always begin in the second week of every half term and run up to, and including, the final week.
  • Should a club have to be cancelled for any reason, notifications will be sent via Class Charts so it is important parents have downloaded the app to receive any notifications.
  • Places on clubs can only be secured by booking online via Parent Booking.
  • The majority of clubs are free however should external providers require payment, payment must be made before attending a class via Parent Booking.
  • If children are attending a sports/dance club, they will need to bring trainers to school with them.
  • Forest School attendance will require wellies and warm coats, gloves, scarf etc in the colder months

To book on to an extra-curricular club, please click on the Parent Booking button below and login using your full name name and email address you have provided school with, as well as your child’s full name and date of birth.

The clubs on offer this half term are: