We recognise parents are the first educators of all children. We know that, if parents and teachers work in partnership and share their expertise and knowledge, children will always benefit. At our parent evenings, we share information with parents about children’s progress, these are organised three times a year. We are happy to arrange individual meetings with parents at any other time during the year as the need arises.

We encourage parents to become as involved in school life as they can. A number of parents help in school during the day and we welcome and appreciate this. We also hold meetings and exhibitions about aspects of the curriculum or school organisation to which all parents are invited. We arrange meetings for parents of particular age groups in connection with special events or particular subjects.

Brief informal contact between teachers and parents takes place at the beginning and end of each school day, particularly where younger children are concerned. Parents who would like a longer talk with a teacher are encouraged to make an appointment.

At the end of each school year, parents are given a detailed report on their child’s progress. Parents are invited at the same time to record their own comments on the report. Children are invited to contribute too.


Home School Agreement

Every school is required by law to have a Home-School Agreement. This is to ensure that families and schools are working together to support children’s learning and development in the best possible way.

If you do accept a place at Roby Park Primary School you will be required to sign the Home-School Agreement. This is designed to clarify what the school expects of parents and what parents may expect of the school. It includes expectations about attendance, homework, uniform and behaviour, among other things. It is intended to encourage good relationships between parents and school by making the ethos of Roby Park Primary School clear from the outset.

Click here for the new Home School Agreement.


Progress Meetings

Three times a year we have opportunities for you to meet your child’s teacher to talk about your child on a one-to-one basis. During the first term of each year, there are meetings at which you can talk to the teacher about your child and how they have settled into the new school year. This is then followed up by a further individual meeting in the Spring term, with a chance to look at work and the progress your child has made so far. The last meeting is in the Summer term  to discuss their report, where you will be able to review your child’s progress and voice any concerns or comments you have about your child and their time at school.


Open Mornings

We look forward to inviting parents to come to termly open mornings to see the children learning in the school. Parents will be guided around the school by our pupils and given an opportunity to look at the challenging learning tasks, the stimulating learning environment and the use of new technologies. Before the tour our Headteacher will update parents on our School Improvement Priorities.


Notices and Communications

There is a screen and a all display in the office area of the school which details daily events and notices.  In addition, there are letter racks outlining information such as weekly lunch menus, newsletter updates and local community events.


All school communications are sent vis Class Charts so it is imperative all parents download the parent app so not to miss out on any important information.


Parents and carers can also keep up to date by following our socials on Twitter and Facebook.


Discussing Concerns

We pride ourselves on being a listening school.  We want to know if we are doing things well.  Equally, we also want to know if there are areas that we can improve.


Complaints are very rare.  When they do occur, we want to manage them transparently and ensure that everybody is treated with dignity and respect.


The guidance below will help you to approach the school with a complaint or concern:


Relevant Documents: