Meet our Junior Leadership Teams for 2023-24

School Council

We have been learning all about democracy and we celebrate this value throughout the year in many ways, but mainly through our School Council. We value our School Council and are committed to inviting the children’s opinions and including their ideas to improve our school.


Each September, children have the opportunity to canvas for a School Council position. Two children are elected from each class


Projects and Action Planning






Our Eco committee meet regularly to consider ways of ensuring that our school makes good use of resources and to take forward plans and activities. Each class has two representatives. Our committee members are busy focusing on recycling and environmental reviews this term and next.  Our findings will determine our action plan for 2022-24.


Click below to find out what our Eco code is and what we aim to do!


Eco Code


Eco-Council Vision


Eco Environmental Review


Eco Action Plan


Eco-Council Meeting Minutes


Eco-Council Newsletters



Y6 Prefects

Our school prefects are our model pupils. Prefects are honest and trustworthy and can be relied upon to carry out any task asked of them. Our prefects wear their badge with pride and complete daily tasks as part of a team to support both staff and children in our school. Our prefects model the high expectations we set all our pupils through making good choices and always wearing the correct school uniform. In order to become a prefect, Y6 pupils apply and are selected by the Y6 class teacher.


Play Leaders

Play Leaders are a group of caring children who have been trained to organise activities for other children on the playground. They encourage children to join in games and to extend their friendships. The leadership skills that they have been taught will also help to raise self-esteem, self -confidence and encourage physical activity.

A Play Leader should aim to have the following qualities:

  • To be a great role model
  • Be Kind
  • Be able to help other children
  • Abide by rules
  • Respect equipment
  • Be honest, reliable and trustworthy
  • To be a good team member

Aims of Play Leaders:

  • To improve behaviour on the playground
  • To provide a safe area for children to practise their social skills
  • To develop friendships between pupils
  • To encourage problem solving
  • To teach pupils appropriate skills and games
  • To be a good role model for their peers