Preparing new Nursery and Reception children for school

Starting school is such an exciting time for young children and their families, but we acknowledge it can be daunting too. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible to ensure children are prepared and ready for school. Children who join our school in our Nursery or Reception classes will be involved in our carefully planned transition process.

  • Parents will be invited to a welcome meeting at school. At this meeting the parents will receive a starting school pack and be given a brief introduction to the EYFS Curriculum and school staff and expectations.
  • This will be followed by a school play date where the children come to school with their parent/s for a play session in their new classroom with their prospective teacher.
  • There will be a further meeting at the school for the parent/s and the child to meet the teacher personally. This is a chance for parents’ to ask any questions they might have and for the teacher to gather information unique to your child to ensure a smooth transition.
  • A ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening will take place at the beginning of September. This is for parents to ask any further questions they may have and to talk about how their child is settling in.

There are a number of self-care skills that will really help your child if they can master them before they start school.

  • Putting on their own coat and doing up the buttons/zip
  • Being able to take off, put on and do up their own shoes (avoid laces to begin with)
  • Being able to dress and undress themselves for PE (Reception children)
  • Using the toilet properly, flushing after use and washing their hands with soap
  • Being able to eat lunch independently, using a knife and fork
  • Using a tissue to blow their own nose
  • Helping to tidy up e.g. hanging their coat up, putting toys away and helping to clear the table


Please click here for further guidance on preparing your child for school.