Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural

SMSC is at the heart of learning. We plan opportunities to explore the strands of SMSC though our learning time and assembly themes.


Stimulas is drawn from the whole curriculum, recent events (school or in the media) and our school values.






Developing personal qualities and using social skills.

Developing and expressing personal views or values.

Developing personal values and beliefs.

Exploring understanding and respecting diversity.

Participating, co -operating and resolving conflicts.

Investigating moral values and ethical issues.

Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder.

Participating and responding to cultural activities.

Understanding how communities and societies function.

Moral codes and models of moral virtue (e.g  schools provide a clear moral code as a basis for behaviour… )

Exploring the values and beliefs of others.


Understanding and appreciating personal influences.


Recognising right and wrong and applying it.

Understanding human feelings and emotions.


Understanding the consequences of actions.

Using imagination and creativity in learning.