Long Term Curriculum Maps 

Our  Class curriculum maps detail a progressive curriculum which is broad and balanced and develops curiosity and excitement. The breadth of the curriculum offer for each class can be seen by clicking on the links below:


At Roby Park Primary School, we offer a curriculum that gives the children the opportunity to acquire the social and academic knowledge, skills and understanding of the world that will adequately prepare them for the next stage of their learning and ultimately for later life.


Our curriculum is founded on basic principles. The curriculum aims to be:

  • Broad – it introduces children to a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Balanced – each part is allocated sufficient time relevant to the children’s age and experience.
  • Relevant – subjects are taught in a way that relates to children’s lives and experience now and in the future.
  • Memorable – the curriculum provides memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning and wider personal development and well- being.
  • Matched – subjects are taught in such a way that matches children’s individual needs and aptitudes.


We have invested in the following Curriculum providers to enhance our curriculum: