Year Group Teacher Classroom Support



Mrs Fawcett Mrs Garcia



Mrs Doyle  

Miss Blackmore





Mr Monaghan  

Mrs Kinsella





Mrs Cooke  

Mrs Marnell





Mrs Lyon Mrs Reid

Mrs Tucker

Mrs Wardle





Mrs McLoughlin



Mrs Watts





Mrs D’Arcy  

Mr Kettle

Mrs Routledge





Miss Worthington  

Mrs Woods


KS2 Teacher


SEND Teaching Asst

Mrs Nelson



Mrs Kennedy






Learning Mentor


Mr Lundon


Supports pupils, staff, parents and outside agencies



Mrs Carroll  

School Business Manager

Clerk to the Governing Body

Data Protection Officer


Mrs Rothwell  

Administrative Assistant


Mr Kelly  

Premises Officer


Miss Clarke  

Reception Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Jeffers  

Year 1 Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Byrne  

Year 2 Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Reid  

Year 3 Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Svendsen  

Year 4 Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs McKenna  

Year 5 Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Woods  

Year 6 Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Canavan  

School Cook


Miss Bennett Kitchen Assistant

School Crossing Patrol Attendant

External Support/Agencies


Rachael Thomas Premier Sports Coach (Wednesday)
Sports Coaches Everton in the Community
Win Little Educational Psychologist
Kate Webber School Nurse
Sue Bell Knowsley Central Primary Support
Oonagh Shirlow Knowsley Central Primary Support
Ann Curley Family Learning Support






                   Mrs Lyon                   Mrs Garcia
        Reception                            Mrs Doyle                Miss Blackmore
          Year 1                 Mrs Cooke                  Mrs Kinsella
          Year 2              Mrs McCormick      Mrs Marnell, Mrs Wardle & Mrs Reid
          Year 3              Mrs Armstrong             Mrs Hamblin & Mrs Lamb
          Year 4              Mrs McLoughlin            Mrs Watts & Mrs Routledge
          Year 5                 Mrs D’Arcy                     Mr Kettle
          Year 6              Miss Worthington            Mrs Woods & Mrs Kennedy