At our school we are

‘Aiming for Excellence’


 Our commitment is to the raising and maintaining of academic standards through quality teaching and learning in a caring environment that develops self-discipline, self-worth and endeavour. We educate respectful citizens for today and tomorrow.


Our Aims


The Governing Body, staff, parents and children continually work together to provide quality education in order to raise standards in every area of the school.


We will achieve this by:

  • Encouraging pupils to be successful learners and raise the levels of attainment across all areas.
  • Encouraging pupils to enjoy school life, to work hard, to develop respect for one another and their property and to keep the few school rules that are designed to ensure that every child can learn.
  • Catering for the whole range of learners and ensuring that all children can enjoy a successful education.
  • Raising standards through our behaviours for learning approaches.
  • Providing staff with the best available resources, training and support.
  • Encouraging everyone to take pride in the school environment by keeping it attractive, clean and welcoming.
  • Establishing a working relationship with parents and encouraging the children to take an active part in the local, national and global community.