Year 6 spent 3 days at the Ormside Outdoor Education Centre, Cumbria taking part in a range of activities.

The focus of the trip was for the children to develop their independence skills, teamwork, communication and problem solving skills by tackling the following activities:

  • Pond dipping
  • Tree identification
  • Habitat walk
  • Shearing sheep
  • Rock climbing
  • Interviewing the Mayor of Appleby
  • Completing a treasure hunt around the town of Appleby
  • Visiting Appleby Castle and re-enacting battles

Prior to the trip in Maths lessons, the children planned the food budget for all of our meals, surveyed pupils and staff on what foods they would like to have and then went and bought all of the goodies for the three day trip making sure they got best value for money whilst also considering the nutritious content of the foods.


Have a look below at some of the many photographs we took during the trip…