READING N             READING R            READING 1

   Nursery pupils enjoy reading                 Our Reception children read                  Year 1 enjoy reading books by

      stories by Mick Inkpen                           lots of Jill Murphy stories                             Nick Butterworth

READING 2                      READING 3                                  READING 4a

Pupils in Year 2 have lots of books                   Year 3 pupils are enjoying reading                     Our Year 4 class author is Roald Dahl –

by Julia Donaldson in their class                            books by Dick King Smith                              Mrs D’Arcy and her pupils love reading

                       library                                                                                                                                                  his stories together.

READING 5                            READING 6

Year 5 enjoy reading Philip                      The Year 6 class library is stocked full

Pullman stories and link some               of Michael Morpurgo books – Kensuke’s

stories to their Literacy topics.              Kingdom is a class reader which pupils